From sous vide cooking your favorite vegetables, to preserving perishable produce such as meats and cheeses, to resealing an open bottle of wine — vacuum sealers are an incredibly useful device to have in your kitchen.


Reducing food waste

One of the top reasons for owning a vacuum sealer is food efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Food waste is a terrible problem, and not only does it negatively impact the environment, but it also hits your wallet hard too. How often do we throw away food simply because we were forced to buy more than we needed to cook with, with the remainder perishing a few days later? Take for example, that time you were cooking a one-off dish that you bought a bunch of fresh herbs for, when the recipe only calls for a fraction of that to be used. The remainder of the bunch, which was the majority of what you bought, then wilted in just a few days.


In this instance, with a vacuum sealer on-hand, you could seal up the herbs and keep them for weeks or months in the refrigerator, or even longer in the freezer.


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Prepare meals in advance

The same goes for preparing several portions of food in advance. We’re all living busy lives these days, and in the health-conscious world, many people are trying to eat fresher, healthier food. Sometimes though, the thought of having to come home after a long day the office, only to have to prepare and cook fresh food puts a lot of people off doing this.


This is when vacuum sealing food becomes your new best friend. It allows you to preserve and keep fresh a whole week of evening meals that were prepared beforehand, freeing up your precious evening time. Not only this but subsequently cooking these meals sous vide-style will save you even more time, as well as seal in all the flavor, nutrition and yumminess.

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How does it work?

Vacuum sealing completely eliminates all oxygen, which is a perishable foodstuff’s worst enemy. By taking O2 out of the equation, you can keep food for way longer.


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